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Living Well is a group of projects we are developing internationally in relation to environmental issues, wealth creation, waste management, education and health.

Living Well School Linking is another part of this project, delivering a programme linking schools in Glasgow with schools in Africa.  We are working with Glasgow City Council Education Department to develop links between some primary and secondary school in Glasgow with Ghana, Republic of Congo and DRC Congo.  We are particularly interested in sharing understanding of each others’ problems and  building knowledge of each others’ futures whilst improving understanding of issues around sustainable development.

Ghana: Abonkosu

In remote, rural Abonkosu, we assisted in the formation of the Abonkuso Community Development Association, which, while focusing its efforts on Abonkosu Primary School, seeks to “promote the interest of all Abonkosu residents on issues concerning education, health, the local environment and the social, economic and community life of their area.”

We are now working as part of a formal partnership with the Association, and are currently fundraising for the following projects:

– Abonkosu’s water supply is only just sufficient, so rainwater harvesting technology is being sought to supply drinking water to the Primary School’s students and teachers.

– With grid electricity unreliable and no means of communication available in the village besides patchy mobile phone signal, a solar-powered internet facility is a priority.

– To generate income for community members and the development of Abonkosu Primary School, the purchasing of a mill is being investigated.

Republic of Congo: Brazzaville

This project is being developed in partnership with two organisations in the suburbs of Brazzaville – Action Talitha Koum and the Lycee Amilcar Cabral, a technical secondary school. Action Talitha Koum supports children and young adults to access education and employability skills, particularly girls. The project currently being focused on seeks to train unemployed people in egg-farming.

Democratic Republic of Congo: Kinshasa   

This project is being developed in partnership with Christ for All in Commune de Lingwala. Christ for All is a non profit making organisation which is organising free, quality, bi-lingual (French and English) education for the poorest children in their community.

Waste management and therefore sanitation and hygiene is a particular problem in the city of Kinshasa, especially where the economically poorest populations live.  A pilot project has been carried out within the community, to support the disposal of waste and generate income.

Here is some information about us from the NIDOS newsletter September 2011.

link to PDF: NIDOS Community Infosource Profile Sept 11

Living Well and our mentor Ceris Jones from NIDOS, November 2011

Link: NIDOS Website

Link: Scottish Community Alliance Website

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