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What We Do

We can provide…

Administrative support for your group or idea:

You have an excellent idea or a strong community group, but perhaps you have not yet got all of the skills you need to set up a new organisation or meet the demands of running a business.  We can take over the set-up, administration, and book-keeping of your community group, business, or not-for-profit organisation, for the long term or for short periods of time when you have specific difficulties.  We can take over or carry out mail shots, publicity campaigns, and the staffing of publicity or sales stalls.

Organisational development:

We can help you to draw up a budget, decide on a constitution, memorandum and articles, or to register to become a community interest company.  We can support your development of policies, a business plan, a marketing strategy, help with a grant application, set up monitoring and evaluation systems, develop your fundraising strategy and help with restructuring by shrinking or growing your organisation.

Organisational training:

We can give your organisation a health check, conduct training needs analysis of your staff, your volunteers, your management committee or Board of Directors, and match skills gaps to appropriate training and learning activities.  We can develop and deliver targeted training on: roles and responsibilities, marketing, fundraising, business planning and monitoring and evaluation.

Skills development:

Are you getting it right?  Our training sessions and learning activities are devised, developed, and delivered by the people most affected:

Housing support:

We can provide support to housing organisations or housing service providers at various levels.  We can give your organisation a health check or come in and resolve particular issues.  We can provide: support to housing sections under pressure; wider action project development; specialist input in relation to refugee or migrant strategies or services and much more.

Through one of our partners AMA Consultants 2000, we can also provide development services in relation to new house building or rehabilitation projects.


We conduct research into issues which affect people’s access to services, rights, or opportunities, particularly action research with researchers from the community.


We deliver poetry, short-story and calligraphy workshops.  We have held poetry performances and developed community plays.  We are involved with publishing small books of poetry and co-ordinating their sales at particular events.


Contact us if you would like to chat over an idea:

Community InfoSource

272 Bath Street

Glasgow G2 4JR

tel: 0141 946 6111

email: info@communityinfosource.org.uk

As a Community Interest Company (CIC), Community InfoSource can only conduct a business or other activity for community benefit, and must comply with the “community interest test” and “asset lock”, of the CIC Regulator

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